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ATTALIN is an independent consultancy firm focused on the development of relationships and the initiation, facilitation and completion of financing for emerging growth companies, strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions. The company provides consulting and investment management services primarily within two business development realms:

Business alliances, mergers and acquisitions
Corporate finance, private equity investments and venture capital funds.

In these and similar areas, ATTALIN adds value through ‘relationship engineering’ and 'financial engineering'. We uncover opportunities, structure deals, secure financing, facilitate and accelerate business development processes through fund management and strategic team building, and develop exit mechanisms. From business incubation and start-ups to initial public offerings, from taking a company or its products to market to maximizing value for mergers or sales, ATTALIN is a seasoned leader in strategic planning and investment financing.

ATTALIN's principal, Jerry Rukavina, brings more than 20 years’ experience in business development, strategic leadership, product commercialization, deal brokering, marketing and corporate finance. He has founded, managed, grown and sold numerous companies; and in combination with uncommon business sensibilities and a fervent entrepreneurial spirit, Jerry's diverse experience has helped forge a formidable business development leader with a knack for connecting the dots between great ideas, viable markets, and the resources required to bring them together.

All “licensable activities” are conducted through the appropriate professionals in our resource network.

Attalin Investment Corporation
Calgary, Alberta Canada

T +1 (403) 512-3969